The WHY of Peruvian Classics (Part 3): KUSI- The Newest Boy’s Home

November 24, 2019

The WHY of Peruvian Classics (Part 3): KUSI- The Newest Boy’s Home

Proceeds from the sale of Peruvian Classics items will go towards the SU-P home of KUSI. The word KUSI means JOY in the Peruvian Indigenous language, Quechua. The KUSI home is in Peru’s North Central region, high in the Andes mountains, near the town of Yungay- the location of one of the world’s most deadly natural disasters- and a 9 hour bus ride from Lima. It sits on a beautiful piece of land in shadow of Huascarán, Peru’s tallest mountain.

As one of the newest projects of Scripture Union-Peru, it shows tremendous potential to be a bright light in a very dark place. KUSI is more than home for those abandoned and at-risk. Rather, the hope of Scripture Union of Peru is to expand KUSI into a village; a place where children are safe and those in need can come, knowing they will be valued and respected; a town with a square, a school for the community as well as the boy’s home, a health clinic, and more.  

But all this doesn't come cheaply. To maintain the home, provide a salary for the staff and house parents, and provide clothing, schooling, healthcare, and food for 15 boys costs just under $30,000 a year. Meeting the vision and the potential of KUSI- provide a home to more boys, fully develop the site, and open (and re-open) other homes costs many thousands more.

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