There are a countless number of children abandoned & living alone on the streets of Peru. Scripture Union of Peru actively reaches out to these children, providing safe shelter, food, education & love. Ends of the Earth Treasures, Inc. is a non-profit organization dba as Peruvian Classics and is a Non-Profit, 100% VOLUNTEER organization based here in the US, created to support the continued work of Scripture Union of Peru. We work with Peruvian artisans to find traditional pieces to make available for sale. All proceeds from the sales of these goods goes directly back to the outreach ministries in Peru. Peruvian Classics is committed to uphold fair and ethical trade practices.


Ben Hodgins is a long-time supporter of Scripture Union of Peru having first visited the country on a church mission trip in the mid-90s at the age of 16. He is excited to be part of the digital marketing team and responsible for product packing and shipping.


Sheri Pesce has been directly involved with Scripture Union since the early 2000s when she spent time ministering in the country following college. She was an original founder of Peruvian Classics is the heart and soul of the organization.