The WHY of Peruvian Classics (Part 1): Our Mission and Mission Partner in Peru

November 24, 2019

The WHY of Peruvian Classics (Part 1): Our Mission and Mission Partner in Peru

Our Mission
One question we often get is “What is Peruvian Classics?” or “How does my purchase support your mission?” These are great questions and get to the heart of Ends of the Earth Treasures.

Ends of the Earth Treasures, Inc exists to serve the poor and needy of the world in Jesus' name. We are a volunteer-led, non-profit corporation that partners with Christian ministries around the world and helps them develop a sustainable revenue source.  We import, market, and sell unique items from the ministries' countries and return the net profit directly to the partnered organizations in those countries.

In Peru we have partnered with Scripture Union-Peru, an indigenous ministry that has been active for over 80 years in that country.

Further, we work with Manos Amigas, a Fair-Trade certified, Lima, Peru-based export company, to source our authentic, high-quality items from artisans in impoverished areas in Peru.

Our Mission Partner: Scripture Union of Peru

Scripture Union is a global movement in over 120 countries around the world actively introducing children, young people and families to Jesus and helping them to meet God through the Bible and prayer.

Scripture Union’s outreach programs differ within each of the countries in which it is located. Its ministry in Peru began in 1927 when a British missionary came to Cusco, near Machu Picchu, and formed a Scripture Union Club with impoverished boys at a local school in a remote little village. He would have them sit around him as he read to them from the Bible.

Currently, Scripture Union (of Peru) seeks to serve those in need through its programs for the deaf, for abandoned and at-risk children (called Girasoles), as well as supportive programs for the schools, Bible education and retreats/ camping programs.

In the past, Peruvian Classics’ sales have supported the camping ministry of SU-P. This year, all proceeds from the sales of Peruvian Classics products will go directly to the Girasoles Program, specifically, the KUSI home in the north-central Peruvian town of Yungay.


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