Exciting News from Peru - Peruvian Classics is Back!

October 28, 2018

We are relaunching, an online retail store offering high-quality products from Peru with the funds being returned to Scripture Union of Peru and its Street Boys ministry!

Nearly 18 years ago...

...we set out on this venture, and many of you hosted Peruvian Classics parties and helped us to raise money for Scripture Union at that time. In response to the recent, heartfelt cries for help from Peru, where they had to close homes for the street boys due to losses in income streams, a few of us banded together to kick off the non-profit organization again...with the same goal to increase awareness of the plight of street boys in Peru and to generate funds for Scripture Union to respond to the children's needs.

This is just the beginning. We are in the midst of developing  a long-term strategy in order to make this a sustainable income stream for Scripture Union of Peru.  We want for Scripture Union to re-open those homes for street boys – to strengthen and expand their ministries!  As Paul Clark said, “Let’s help change an abandoned boy’s nightmare into a dream!”


What You Can Do:


Visit and use it for your holiday and year-long gift purchases. Check back often as we will add and update products over the next few weeks.


Forward this email to your local organizations, churches, and clubs; share the website with your family and friends; comment on our social media channels; and sign up for our newsletter by entering your email address HERE.

Get Involved:

Let us know if you are able to help in any capacity- social media, web design, product design/selection, importing, logistics, more – even your feedback on what we can change/ do better!

God Bless!
Sheri, Ben, Kelly and the Peruvian Classics Team together with Scripture Union of Peru

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